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“Academic Integrity for Quality Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions in Georgia” (INTEGRITY)






Project Number: 585841 EPP-1-2017-1-GE-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP

Duration: 2017-2019 (24 months)

Coordinator: Ilia State University

Euro grant: 856.834,00 €

Consortium members from Georgia


Partner Universities from EU:


Partners from state authority:

The Core objective of the project is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning processes that are based on the principles of academic integrity and supported by policies, mechanisms and tools that help prevent and detect cases of plagiarism in higher education institutions in Georgia.


Goals of the project:

  • Plagiarism Prevention & Detection Electronic Program Introduction: Feedback Studio electronic program introduction and integration into the existing Moodle system;
  • PR Campaign: to design and launch an institutional PR campaign as an important promotional mechanism that targets both students and faculty/teaching staff;
  • Faculty Training: to develop and deliver training to faculty in effective assessment, teaching and learning to enhance skills to provide effective feedback to students that focuses on student performance against the principles of academic integrity;
  • Student Services: to design and develop services to boost student writing skills (academic writing centers/student services centers/volunteer senior student tutors, etc.);
  • Academic Writing Curriculum Overview/Creation: to adopt EU/modern Standards and requirements established for written academic communication to prevent plagiarism;
  • University Policies and Resources: to elaborate a framework of policies and regulations that are conducive to quality teaching and learning processes based on the principles of academic integrity.


The outcome of the project for BSMA:

  • PR activities were planned and conducted for students to raise their awareness connecting to academic dishonesty;
  • Appropriate presentations were prepared and conducted for students and academic, administrative, and library staff;
  • Informative brochures/booklets, flyers, banners, and posters were prepared;
  • An informative video clip was prepared and uploaded on the BSMA website;
  • Student surveys were carried out for studying the perception of academic honesty (dishonesty);
  • The policy for overcoming plagiarism and establishing academic integrity was prepared and approved by the Senate;
  • The computer program “Turnitin” was implemented for the effective detection of plagiarism; 
  • The training on usage of “Turnitin” was carried out for academic and library staff;
  • Changes were made in the learning course of Academic Writing;
  • Inclusion of an independent, resource-based, original course work has been planned in several bachelor and master’s level learning courses, which will be tested/monitored by the anti-plagiarism program and will have at least 30% of the midterm assessment.

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