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Engine Resource Management - Including Leadership and Teamwork

Target group
Engine Room Resource Management is a training program for ship's Senior and Junior Engineer officers.
Objectives of the Course
A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to:
On completion of the course the learner/trainee should be able to demonstrate sufficient understanding and knowledge of Engine Room Resource Management, leadership and team working and have the relevant skills to competently carry out the duties of engineer in charge of an engineering watch.
The program meets the latest requirements of STCW Convention Section A-III/1; A-III/2 and IMO Model Course 7.02 “Chief Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer” Competence 4.5 “Use of leadership and managerial skills” and Model Course 7.04 “Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch” Competences 1.1 “Maintain a safe engineering watch” (part: Engine Room Resource Management) and 4.7 “Application of leadership and team working skills”, as well as Model course “Leadership and Teamwork”.
Course Contents
The Engine Room Resource Management training course covers the following topics:
• Development, implementation and oversight of standard operating procedures;
• International maritime conventions and recommendations, and related national legislation;
• Cultural awareness;
• Ability to apply task and workload management;
• Knowledge and ability to apply effective resource management;
• Knowledge of shipboard personnel management and training including consideration team experience;
• Decision-making techniques, including obtaining and maintaining situation awareness;
• Self-awareness, personal and professional development

Entry Standards

Trainees wishing to enter this course should have:

• Certificate of Competence as Officer in
Charge of an Engineering Watch; or
• Present evidence that is in progress studying on the educational program of Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch
Training approaches and equipment
During training course theoretical lessons are given using PowerPoint presentations, practical tasks are conducted on the latest version of Transas Engine-Room simulation equipment – ERS 5000.
Duration of the training course
Duration of the Engine Room Recource Management is 7 working days.
Course Limitations
The maximum number of participants - 8 persons
The course is approved by Maritime Administration.


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