კეთილი იყოს თქვენი ვიზიტი ბათუმის სახელმწიფო საზღვაო აკადემიის ოფიციალურ ვებ-გვერზე.

ბათუმის სახელმწიფო საზღვაო აკადემია

მეზღვაურთა საწვრთნელი ცენტრი


High Voltage System Course

Target group
This training course is primarily intended for marine electro and technical officers and electricians involved to operate and maintain high voltage marine equipment
Objectives of the course
In this course the participants will have knowledge and practical skill:
To manage safety aspects, safe work practice methods, deal with troubles, surveys and emergency preparedness on high voltage equipment.
Course content
The Training course covers the following topics:
• Introduction;
• High voltage theory, technologies and materials, requirements;
• High voltage plants design aspects;
• High voltage equipment specialties design, parameters, service systems for such equipment as applicable. Commutating and protection system and equipment design;
• Safe work practice regarding potential dangers of high voltage using, documentation, records, check lists, procedures, risk assessment;
• Inspection, checking and testing of high voltage equipment as applicable including proper usage of personal protective equipment, testing equipment;
• Maintenance and basic of repair. System and equipment performance monitoring, surveys and safe preparation for it;
• High voltage equipment and plant troubleshooting and dealing with them;
• Emergency running mode of high voltage installation and preparedness.
Income requirements
To apply to the course, a delegate should present COC of Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch, COC of
electro-technical officer.
Duration of the training course
Including practical exercises the duration of this course is 5 days.
Course limitations
The maximum number of participants is 10 persons
Training approaches and equipment
During training course theoretical knowledge is given using PowerPoint presentations.
Practical skills will be given on real High Voltage installation of MSB, participants will manage testing, and troubleshooting on high voltage equipment, will prepare system for repair, shore based surveys or routine maintenance, act accordingly safety rules applicable to work on High voltage equipment and systems.


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