კეთილი იყოს თქვენი ვიზიტი ბათუმის სახელმწიფო საზღვაო აკადემიის ოფიციალურ ვებ-გვერზე.

ბათუმის სახელმწიფო საზღვაო აკადემია

მეზღვაურთა საწვრთნელი ცენტრი


Advanced Fire Fighting for ships operating in polar waters

Target group
This training course primary is intended for Masters, Chief Officers and mates who are engaged or going to be engaged in polar water ice navigation and have already passed Advanced training for ships operating in polar waters.
Objectives of the Course
In this course the participants should gain the knowledge about Polar Code and all the requirements for ships and crew
when navigating in polar waters as well as skills of management level for operations in polar waters, autonomous
navigation in ice, navigation with ice-breaker assistance, as well as mooring operations in ice conditions. Who successfully complete this course will have gained experience in handling ships under Ice conditions of specific areas Russia, Baltic Sea, Scandinavian ports, Canada.
Course Contents 
The Advanced Training for ships operating in polar waters training course covers the following topics:
• Preparation and execution of passage plan and reports
• Equipment limitations
• Legislations and standards
• Safe ship operations
• ce classification of ships
• Safety of crew and passengers
Income requirements
To be assigned in Advanced training for ships operating in polar waters course, participant should present certificate which conforms STCW code B-V/g standard requirements and proof of experience navigating in ice conditions (signed letter from company with experience in ice navigation).
Duration of the Course
The duration of the Advanced Training for ships operating in polar waters training course is 3 working days.
Course limitations
Maximum number of participants - 15 persons
Training approaches and equipment
During training course theoretical lessons are given using PowerPoint presentations, practical tasks are conducted on Transas NTPRO 5000 full mission simulator.

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